Indicators chest rheography at swimmers at rest and after exercise in different body positions


  • (Mariya Sinyugina) Синюгіна Марія Борисівна Zaporizhzhya National University, Ukraine
  • (Sergii Dyomin) Дьомiн Сергiй Сергiйович Zaporizhzhya National University, Ukraine



cardiovascular system, central circulation, rheographic figures, sportsmen-swimmers, physical activity


Purpose: Study of chest rheography for skilled swimmers when the dosage of physical activity in different body positions. Materials and Methods: the study involved 20 qualified swimmers for middle and long distance. Results: studies changes rheographic indicators from qualified swimmers in response to exercise in different positions of the body showed a clear dependence of the structure and functional hemodynamic changes the position of the body in which the exercise is carried out. Conclusions: found that when evaluating the success of readiness of swimmers and planning training loads must be based on indicators of physical performance obtained during exercise in a horizontal position of the body.


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