Studying the tribological properties of mated materials C61900 - A48-25BC1.25BNo. 25 in composite oils containing geomodifiers

Viktor Aulin, Andrii Hrynkiv, Sergii Lysenko, Oleg Lyashuk, Taras Zamota, Dmytro Holub


With the development of dispersed systems in tribology, there emerged a possibility to use effectively functional additives to lubricants in the form of geomodifiers. When introducing composite oils with geomodifiers, it is not necessary to perform constructive changes in mated machine parts, however, their wear resistance and alignment increase. This requires experimental tribological research.

It was proposed to use geomodifiers KGМF-1+oleic acids as a functional additive to motor oil, fresh oil Monnol TS-5 UHPD 10W40 and composite oil Monnol TS-5 UHPD 10W40+XADO HighWay for Diesel Truck (2.0...2.3 %) were chosen for comparison. An increase in friction momentum of different mated samples in the studied oils was recorded on the friction machine of 2070 СМТ-1 model with the additional module "ring – ring". Wear intensity in the samples in the studied oils was determined using the method of measuring the amplitude of the acoustic signal directly from the friction zone with the help of the device produced by Brüel&Kjear company.

It was found that an increase in effectiveness of the oil compositions is observed in the following order: Monnol TS-5 UHPD 10W4, Monnol TS-5 UHPD 10W40, Monnol TS-5 UHPD 10W40+XADO HighWay for Diesel Truck, Monnol TS-5 UHPD 10W4+KGМF-1+oleic acid. The indicator of wear of the metal samples in the medium of modified oil Monnol TS-5 UHPD 10W4+KGМF-1+oleic acid, in comparison with basic oil decreased by 11.5...14.3 %. The value of critical load increased by 17.2 % and welding load increased by 19.3 %, respectively. In turn, it was found that maximum intensity of wear of the sample when using modified oil Monnol TS-5 UHPD 10W4+KGМF-1+oleic acid decreased by 3.4...6.0 times.

The obtained data are necessary for the formation of composite oils and substantiation of conditions of their further operation during the period of forced alignment of parts tribojunction


tribojunction of samples; geomodifier; composite oil; friction momentum; wear resistance; acoustic emission; zone of friction; additive; bronze; gray cast iron


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