Parametric synthesis of the electronic control unit of the course stability system of the car

Yevgen Aleksandrov, Tetyana Aleksandrova, Yaroslav Morhun


The problem of parametric synthesis of an electronic control unit for a brake system of a car is considered, which consists in the process of choice of values of the varied parameters of electronic CU. The selected parameters should provide the maximum margin of stability and maximum velocity of the closed-loop system of automatic control of a given direction of car movement in braking mode. This is important because modern high-velocity cars, operating in conditions of low-quality road surfaces of highways, often become objects of road traffic accidents, despite the fact that they are equipped with anti-lock braking and traction control systems. In this regard, the design development of the latest models of automotive equipment is aimed at creating directional stability systems, increased vehicle dirigibility in case of loss of wheel adhesion with the road surface. The problem is solved using the method of "frozen coefficients", which is based on the iterative process of sequential selection of numerical values of the varied parameters of the electronic unit. In particular, it is found that the characteristic equation of a closed-loop stability control system contains three variable parameters, and the system itself is a two-channel one. The first control channel for the inclination angle of the car body contains variable parameters, and the second control channel for side skid contains a variable parameter. It is shown that 5–6 steps of the iterative process are sufficient to obtain optimal values of the varied parameters that provide the maximum safety margin and maximum performance of the closed-loop vehicle stability program. The work proves the effectiveness of the developed algorithms for parametric synthesis of the electronic control unit for a car, the simplicity of their implementation, as well as the high quality of stabilization processes of the car body. The optimal values of the varied parameters are    In this case, the margin of stability of the system is


car dirigibility; directional stability system; channel of the body angular deflection; channel of lateral displacement of the center of mass


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