Analysis of soil characteristics on expansive clay stabilization using shell ash




expansive clay, shell ash, soil stabilization, swelling 3D, disturbed soil, undisturbed soil


Expansive clay is one of the problems in construction work. The soil has the characteristics of being easy to expand when exposed to water, causing a decrease in the strength value of the soil. The can be overcome by stabilizing the soil. The soil is formed from weathering and contains the mineral montmorillonite. The soil is very sensitive to moisture content, has a high shrinkage rate, thus interfering in construction work. Therefore, additional materials are needed to overcome the problem, one of which is soil stabilization. The study aimed to stabilize the expansive clay soil. This is done by analyzing the physical and mechanical properties of expansive clay with a shell ash mixture. Expansive clay is taken directly (undisturbed) or disturbed. Undisturbed soil is taken using a tube, so that the soil is not disturbed by outside air, while disturbed soil is taken using a shovel and then put into a sack container. Expansive clay stabilization method lies in adding the percentage of shell ash mixture (5 %, 10 %, 15 %, and 20 %). The soil, the initial moisture content (γd) of which has been determined, is mixed, then molded into a cylindrical shape. The mold was stored in a desiccator, then watered with 5 % water every day until the soil became saturated. Then, using a Proctor test, chemical tests (soil chemical test, soil mineral test), physical tests (soil moisture, Atterberg limit), and mechanical tests (unconfined compression test, compaction test, swelling test) were carried out. The results showed that the addition of an oyster shell ash stabilizing agent to expansive clay affected the physical and mechanical properties of the soil. The addition of shell ash can reduce soil moisture with various plasticity indexes. While the soil stress value decreased, the swelling of the soil increased significantly above the original soil.

Author Biographies

Agus Tugas Sudjianto, University of Widyagama Malang

Associate Professor

Department of Civil Engineering

Aji Suraji, University of Widyagama Malang

Associate Professor

Department of Civil Engineering

Sugeng Hadi Susilo, State Polytechnic of Malang

Doctor of Mechanical Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering


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Sudjianto, A. T., Suraji, A., & Susilo, S. H. (2021). Analysis of soil characteristics on expansive clay stabilization using shell ash. Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies, 6(6 (114), 58–64.



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