Project development of a precision installer for measuring inhomogeneous density of the solution in the process of automation of the technological software and hardware complex




precision installer, optical module, inhomogeneous density of the solution, automation


A project of a precision installer for measuring the inhomogeneous density of the solution has been developed. This module is one of the key components of an automated program-controlled complex created for the encapsulation of cell transport systems.

An analysis of existing methods for determining the values of viscosity and density shifts shows that optical measurement methods are the most appropriate for designing the precision installer due to their simplicity and reliability.

Implementation of optical measurement is also due to the need to ensure sterility of analyzed material, as well as non-destructive testing of liquid.

Using the ultrasound method requires immersion in liquid of transmitting element and receiver, which violates the principle of sterility. According to the results of measurements, it was found that the method of recording optical radiation can determine density distribution in the cuvette volume after centrifugation with a high degree of accuracy. The exact positioning of the needle for the selection of liquid has been achieved. A measuring optical module has been developed to determine the inhomogeneous density of the liquid.

Accurate positioning of the carousel at given points by mounting permanent neodymium magnets in the base of cuvette compartments has been achieved.

The simplification of measuring configuration by the exclusion of dispersive elements, filters and the monochromator significantly reduces the cost of measuring equipment and makes it easy to implement for solving such problems.

The introduction of modern digital technologies into the project makes it possible to process signal packets from positioning sensors and through individual channels, which is especially important for automating measurement and positioning processes, taking into account sterility

Supporting Agency

  • This research is funded by the Science Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Grant № AP09258926.

Author Biographies

German Seredin, Private Institution «National Laboratory Astana» Nazarbayev University

Engineer, Leading Researcher

Laboratory of Biosensors and Bioinstruments

Dastan Sarbassov, LLP «R&D Engineering»

Engineer, Senior Researcher

Gulsara Berikkhanova, S. Seifullin Kazakh Agro Technical University

Head of Department

Department of Higher Mathematics

Aidar Alimbayev, Nazarbayev University

Engineer, Research Assistant


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Berikkhanova, K., Seredin, G., Sarbassov, D., Berikkhanova, G., & Alimbayev, A. (2022). Project development of a precision installer for measuring inhomogeneous density of the solution in the process of automation of the technological software and hardware complex. Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies, 2(5 (116), 17–24.



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