Research of temperature regime of electronic device at variable heat generation and external boundary conditions

Володимир Михайлович Батуркін, Євген Вікторович Шевель, Юлія Вікторівна Кузан


The thermal model of electronic device (sizes 0.36 x 0.24 x 0.16 m, mass 4 kg), functioning in the conditions of space vacuum, is offered. The temperature regime of device case is maintained by the passive thermal control system on heat pipe of variable thermal resistance with heat removal by the radiation into the opened space. The analysis of components of thermal balance for the electronic device case is conducted, and an approach to the thermal modeling of the system “electronic cards – device case – heat pipe – environment” is developed by means of the SolidWorks Flow Simulation program. The parameters of required structural elements (multilayer thermal insulation, supports), at which the passive regulation of the device temperature in the range of 293±10 K at the change of heat generation from 1.5 W to 15 W, the temperature of environment surrounding a device within 253...323 K, and absorbed heat flux from external sources of 120…270 W/m2 is realized, are determined. On the basis of conducted thermal modeling the temperature conditions of device case and elements of electronic printing cards at heat generation density to 0.5 kW/m2 at the use of the passive thermal control system on the gas-regulated heat pipe is calculated. Tasks for creation of thermal model that represents thermal processes in a heat pipe more correctly for its integration in a standard commercial package, for example, in SolidWorks Flow Simulation are defined. The obtained results are intended for the use at development of scientific equipment of nonhermetic space vehicles.


thermal control systems; device; heat pipe; modeling


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