Vol 4, No 6 (100) (2019)

Technology organic and inorganic substances

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Technology organic and inorganic substances

Studying chemical transformations of the modified derma collagen PDF PDF (Українська)
Maryna Zhaldak, Olena Mokrousova 6-15
Results of experimental studies into the dynamics of mass-exchange processes during synthesis of propane hydrate PDF PDF (Українська)
Bohdan Kutnyi, Аnatoliy Pavlenko, Yuri Holik 16-24
Development of the unified model for identification of composition of products from incineration, gasification, and slow pyrolysis PDF PDF (Русский)
Olexander Brunetkin, Maksym V. Maksymov, Andrii Maksymenko, Maksym M. Maksymov 25-31
Investigating the influence of volumetric hydrophobization on the formation of phase composition of cement stone and its physical-mechanical properties PDF PDF (Українська)
Inna Trofimova, Nikolay Shpyrko 32-38
Study of low-emission multi-component cements with a high content of supplementary cementitious materials PDF PDF (Українська)
Hanna Ivashchyshyn, Myroslav Sanytsky, Tetiana Kropyvnytska, Bohdan Rusyn 39-47
The aerated concrete based on an integrated foam concentrate containing iron compounds PDF PDF (Українська)
Alexsandera Shishkina, Oleg Nastich, Kateryna Romanenko, Svitlana Oliinyk 48-53
Material selection for the mesh electrode of electrochromic device based on Ni(OH)2 PDF PDF (Русский)
Valerii Kotok, Vadym Kovalenko 54-60