Vol 1, No 7 (103) (2020)

Applied mechanics

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Applied mechanics

An increase of the loading capacity and reliability of gears by methods of optimizing involute gearing parameters PDF
Irina Issayeva, Vitaly Povetkin, Azamat Alpeisov, Amina Bukayeva, Dinara Arinova 6-15
A semi-analytical method for analys of contact interaction between structural elements along aligned surfaces PDF PDF (Українська)
Mykola М. Tkachuk, Andriy Grabovskiy, Mykola А. Tkachuk, Mariia Saverska, Iryna Hrechka 16-25
Construction of an algorithm to analytically solve a problem on the free vibrations of a composite plate of variable thickness PDF
Kirill Trapezon, Alexandr Trapezon 26-33
The stressed-deformed state of slab reinforced-concrete hollow structures considering the biaxial compression of concrete PDF PDF (Українська)
Andrii Bambura, Ihor Mel’nyk, Vitaliy Bilozir, Vasyl Sorokhtey, Taras Prystavskyi, Volodymyr Partuta 34-42
Determination of the workflow of energy-saving vibration unit with polyphase spectrum of vibrations PDF PDF (Українська)
Ivan Nazarenko, Anatoly Svidersky, Alexandr Kostenyuk, Oleg Dedov, Nikolai Kyzminec, Volodymyr Slipetskyi 43-49
Establishing conditions for the occurrence of dynamic auto-balancing in a rotor on two elastic-viscous supports PDF PDF (Русский)
Gennadiy Filimonikhin, Irina Filimonikhina, Vladimir Pirogov, Serhii Rahulin, Mykola Sadovyi, Guntis Strautmanis, Olena Tryfonova, Mykola Yakymenko 50-57
Development of dynamic integral evaluation method of technical state of one-section electric locomotive body PDF PDF (Русский)
Dmytro Bannikov, Sergiy Yakovlev 57-64
Substantiating the optimization of the load-bearing structure of a hopper car for transporting pellets and hot agglomerate PDF PDF (Українська)
Oleksij Fomin, Alyona Lovska, Inna Skliarenko, Yurii Klochkov 65-74