Vol 3, No 7(81) (2016)

Applied mechanics

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Applied mechanics

The study of dynamic load on a wagon–platform at a shunting collision PDF PDF (Українська)
Alyona Lovskaya, Andrey Ryibin 4-8
Research into mutual influence of inclusion on the chain of pores in the welded seam under the influence of thermo-force loading PDF PDF (Українська)
Elena Strelnikova, Oleg Kovch 9-14
Analysis of the impact of impeller outlet width on the steepness of pressure characteristic PDF PDF (Українська)
Viktoriya Miltykh, Mykola Sotnyk 15-20
Analysis of curvilinear motion of tracked vehicles with electromechanical dual-flux turning mechanisms PDF PDF (Русский)
Dmitrij Volontsevich, Sy Hiep Duong, Ievgenii Veretennikov 21-28
A method of evaluating vehicle controllability according to the dynamic factor PDF PDF (Русский)
Anatoly Turenko, Mikhail Podrygalo, Dmytro Klets, Vasily Hatsko, Marina Barun 29-33
Investigation of the process of crushing solid materials in the centrifugal disintegrators PDF PDF (Українська)
Mykola Sokur, Volodymyr Biletskyi, Lidiia Sokur, Denys Bozhyk, Ivan Sokur 34-40
Investigation of heating of the drilling bits and definition of the energy efficient drilling modes PDF PDF (Русский)
Andrii Dreus, Anatolii Kozhevnikov, Katerina Lysenko, Andrii Sudakov 41-46
Research into excitation of dual frequency vibrational-rotational vibrations of screen duct by ball-type auto-balancer PDF PDF (Русский)
Gennadiy Filimonikhin, Volodymyr Yatsun, Kostyantyn Dumenko 47-52
Development of alternative technology of dual forming of profiled workpiece obtained by buckling PDF PDF (Русский)
Volodymyr Kukhar, Vadym Burko, Andrii Prysiazhnyi, Elena Balalayeva, Mykyta Nyhnibeda 53-61
On the possibility of applying modern design solutions of ocean-technical constructions for the Azov sea shelf PDF PDF (Русский)
Anastasiia Zaiets 62-70