Vol 4, No 4 (88) (2017)

Mathematics and Cybernetics - applied aspects

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Mathematics and Cybernetics - applied aspects

Development of the descriptive binary model and its application for identification of clumps of toxic cyanobacteria PDF
Konstantin Nosov, Grygoriy Zholtkevych, Marine Georgiyants, Olena Vysotska, Yuriі Balym, Andrеi Porvan 4-11
Models and methods of regression analysis under conditions of fuzzy initial data PDF
Lev Raskin, Oksana Sira, Yuriy Ivanchykhin 12-19
Construction of interpolation method for numerical solution of the Cauchy's problem PDF
Roman Bihun, Gregoriy Tsehelyk 19-27
Development of the approach to proving the security of block ciphers to impossible differential attack PDF
Victor Ruzhentsev, Yurii Onishchenko 28-33
Features of modeling failures of recoverable complex technical objects with a hierarchical constructive structure PDF
Sergey Lenkov, Genadiy Zhyrov, Dmytro Zaitsev, Igor Tolok, Evgen Lenkov, Tetiana Bondarenko, Yurii Gunchenko, Viktor Zagrebnyuk, Oleksandr Antonenko 34-42
Criterion of the continuation of harmonic functions in the ball of n­dimensional space and representation of the generalized orders of the entire harmonic functions in ℝn in terms of approximation error PDF
Olga Veselovska, Khrystyna Drohomyretska, Lubov Kolyasa 43-49
Synthesis of generalized neural elements by means of the tolerance matrices PDF
Fedir Geche, Oksana Mulesa, Viktor Buchok 50-62
Design of the universal classifier as a RBF network based on the CART solution tree PDF
Lyudmila Dobrovska, Iryna Dobrovska 63-71