Vol 2, No 6 (92) (2018)

Technology organic and inorganic substances

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Technology organic and inorganic substances

Plasmochemical preparation of silver nanoparticles: thermodynamics and kinetics analysis of the process PDF PDF (Русский)
Margarita Skiba, Alexander Pivovarov, Anna Makarova, Viktoria Vorobyova 4-9
Determining the physical-chemical characteristics of the carbon-thermal reduction of scale of tungsten high-speed steels PDF PDF (Русский)
Stanislav Hryhoriev, Artem Petryshchev, Karina Belokon’, Kristina Krupey, Mykhail Yamshinskij, Grigoriy Fedorov, Dmytro Stepanov, Andrii Semenchuk, Elena Matukhno, Alexander Savvin 10-15
Comparative investigation of electrochemically synthesized (α+β) layered nickel hydroxide with mixture of α-Ni(OH)2 and β-Ni(OH)2 PDF PDF (Русский)
Vadym Kovalenko, Valerii Kotok 16-22
Aspects of making of a composite material when using red mud PDF PDF (Українська)
Liubov Melnyk, Valentin Svidersky, Lev Chernyak, Nataliia Dorogan 23-28
Research into effect of complex nanomodifiers on the strength of fine-grained concrete PDF PDF (Русский)
Alexsandera Shishkina, Alexsander Shishkin 29-33
Development of nanomodifiedrapid hardening fiber-reinforced concretes for special-purpose facilities PDF PDF (Українська)
Uliana Marushchak, Myroslav Sanytsky, Sergiy Korolko, Yuriy Shabatura, Nazar Sydor 34-41
Development of the electrochemical synthesis method of ultrafine cobalt powder for a superalloy production PDF PDF (Русский)
Vadym Kovalenko, Valerii Kotok, Sergey Vlasov 41-47
Chemical deposition of CDS films from ammoniac-thiourea solutions PDF PDF (Українська)
Hanna Pancheva, Olena Khrystych, Evgeniia Mykhailova, Maryna Ivashchenko, Alexei Pilipenko 48-52
Research into epoxidation process of the С9 fraction hydrocarbons and unsaturated co-oligomers by peroxyethanoic acid PDF PDF (Українська) PDF (Українська)
Irena Nykulyshyn, Taras Chaikivskyi, Zorian Pikh 53-60