Vol 3, No 12 (93) (2018)

Materials Science

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Materials Science

Development of electric­arc pseudoalloy coatings for the strengthening of copper walls of molds PDF PDF (Русский)
Yuri Borisov, Nataliia Vigilianska, Ivan Demianov, Oleksandr Grishchenko 6-14
Studying the effect of the combined technology on durability of the shaft­type parts PDF PDF (Українська)
Natalia Miedviedieva, Miсhael Levitsky, Vladislav Sukhenko 14-22
Development of machine learning method of titanium alloy properties identification in additive technologies Без заголовка PDF PDF (Українська)
Roman Tkachenko, Zoia Duriagina, Ihor Lemishka, Ivan Izonin, Andriy Trostianchyn 23-31
Influence of ultrasound and template on the properties of nickel hydroxide as an active substance of supercapacitors PDF PDF (Русский) Video
Vadym Kovalenko, Valerii Kotok 32-39
Studying the effect of concentration factors on the process of chemical metallization of powdered polyvinylchloride PDF PDF (Українська)
Volodymyr Moravskyi, Anastasiia Kucherenko, Marta Kuznetsova, Iryna Dziaman, Oleksandr Grytsenko, Ludmila Dulebova 40-47
Forming the low­porous layers of indium phosphide with the predefined quality level PDF PDF (Українська)
Sergij Vambol, Igor Bogdanov, Viola Vambol, Yana Suchikova, Olexandr Kondratenko 48-55
Activation of the nickel foam as a current collector for application in supercapacitors PDF PDF (Русский)
Vadym Kovalenko, Valerii Kotok, Igor Kovalenko 56-62