Vol 5, No 10 (95) (2018)


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Ensuring comfort microclimate in the classrooms under condition of the required air exchange PDF PDF (Українська)
Peter Kapalo, Orest Voznyak, Yuriy Yurkevych, Khrystyna Myroniuk, Iryna Sukholova 6-14
Method of agricultural sewage water purification at troughs and a biosorption bioreactor PDF
Anton Matsak, Kateryna Tsytlishvili, Olga Rybalova, Sergey Artemiev, Andrey Romin, Oleksandr Chynchyk 15-24
Analysis of correlation dimensionality of the state of a gas medium at early ignition of materials PDF PDF (Русский)
Boris Pospelov, Vladimir Andronov, Evgeniy Rybka, Ruslan Meleshchenko, Stella Gornostal 25-30
Development of techniques to predict and prevent both the effect of xenobiotics and their migration into pig-derived products PDF
Oleksandr Nanka, Olga Chalaya, Sergiu Nagornij, Oleksandr Chalyi 31-39
Development and study of hydromechanical method for cleaning sewage collectors from contamination PDF PDF (Русский)
Dmitriy Goncharenko, Sergey Zabelin, Alevtyna Aleinikova, Anna Anishchenko, Roman Hudilin 40-47
Development оf combined method for predicting the process of the occurrence of emergencies of natural character PDF PDF (Русский)
Hryhorii Ivanets, Stanislav Horielyshev, Mykhailo Ivanets, Dmitro Baulin, Igor Tolkunov, Natalia Gleizer, Aleksandr Nakonechnyi 48-55
Development of procedure for assessing the degree of enviromental hazard from the sources of aquatic environment pollution PDF PDF (Українська)
Nataliya Magas, Ganna Trokhymenko, Volodymyr Blahodatnyi 56-65
Current distribution of 137cs in sod-podzolic soils of different types of forest conditions PDF PDF (Українська)
Viktoriia Melnyk, Tatiana Kurbet 65-71