Plagiarism and duplicate publication

Plagiarism is unacknowledged copying or an attempt to misattribute original authorship, whether of ideas, text or results. Plagiarism can be said to have clearly occurred when large chunks of text have been cut-and-pasted without appropriate and unambiguous attribution. Such manuscripts would not be considered for publication in journal «Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies». "Text recycling" or reuse of parts of text from an author's previous research publication is a form of self-plagiarism.

Duplicate publication occurs when an author reuses substantial parts of his or her own published work without providing the appropriate references. This can range from publishing an identical paper in multiple journals, to only adding a small amount of new data to a previously published paper.

Journal «Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies» editors assess all such cases on their individual merits. When plagiarism becomes evident post-publication, we may correct or retract the original publication depending on the degree of plagiarism, context within the published article and its impact on the overall integrity of the published study.

In case of detection of copyright infringement (plagiarism) after publication, the article is not deleted from the journal’s archive (on the website) and is marked as “PLAGIARISM” in accordance with international protocols of anti-plagiarism policy. This article marked as "PLAGIARISM" appears in all resources in which the journal is indexed. The editorial office may impose penalties within the framework of the material and moral damage caused to the Licensee in accordance with License agreement.

All manuscripts submitted for consideration to the journal «Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies» are checked for uniqueness by specialized service A manuscript can be accepted for consideration for publication only if it is at least 80% unique.

Also, additionally, the uniqueness of the manuscript is assessed at the stage of double-blind peer review (as one of the criteria that is assessed by the reviewers).

Materials submitted to the "Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies" must be original and must not be published or transferred for publication elsewhere. This rule also applies to material submitted elsewhere, while the manuscript is pending review in the "Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies".

If the manuscript was also submitted for consideration for publication in another journal, the authors must inform about this when submitting the manuscript to the journal "Eastern European Journal of Advanced Technologies".

The absence of conflicts of interest or their existence is stated in the article.

If the reviewers have any conflicts of interest regarding the peer-reviewed article, they should inform the editor of the "Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies". In this case, the article will be submitted for reviewing to another expert.