Ukrainian folk outdoor games in the system of physical training facilities for gymnasts aged 6-7 years




Purpose: to substantiate the effectiveness of the use of Ukrainian outdoor games to increase the level of physical preparedness of 6-7 year old gymnasts.

Material & Methods: the study involved 22 female athletes aged 6-7 years old involved in artistic gymnastics. The main and control groups included 11 female gymnasts each. Ukrainian outdoor games were included in the training process of the main group.

Results: the results of the study indicate that the proposed methodology, by which female gymnasts of the main group (MG) trained, contributed to a more pronounced (p<0,05; p<0,01) increase in the level of physical fitness compared to the results of female athletes of the control group (CG) who trained according to the traditional program for the development of physical qualities, except for the development of flexibility, where there was a statistically unreliable difference between the performance of female gymnasts of the main and control groups (p>0,05).

Conclusions: results of the implementation of the methodology for increasing the level of physical preparedness of female gymnasts aged 6-7 years using Ukrainian folk outdoor games testify to its effectiveness. The results obtained allow us to recommend the developed methodology for use in the training process of young female gymnasts at the stage of initial training.