Integrated approach to the development of the effectiveness function of quality control of metal products




induction duplex process, heat treatment, quality control of metal products, legal regulation, control effectiveness function


The principle of development of the integrated effectiveness function of quality control of metal products is proposed. A characteristic feature of this function is that it combines different criteria, expressed through the coefficients of technological effectiveness, economic and legal capacity. Within this framework, the approach to formalization of the description, which can be used to search for optimum control of the metallurgical duplex process on the basis of the universal mathematical description of both process stages is proposed. This approach is very convenient, since it allows using the same mathematical model, but with different variables when searching for optimum control. The control of the induction duplex process, chosen on the basis of this mathematical description, allows maximizing the product quality, and, accordingly, the coefficient of technological effectiveness included in the description of the integrated effectiveness function of quality control of metal products.

It is shown that the greatest uncertainty is present in the assessment of the legal capacity associated with the possibilities of legal regulation as a mechanism of promotion of Ukrainian metal products to the European market. However, despite the difficulty of evaluating the coefficients included in the description of the integrated quality control effectiveness function, at the conceptual level it can be considered reasonable. In this case, this function can be considered as an analog of the risk function and used to select a control strategy based on the statistical game theory.

Author Biographies

Iegor Dymko, National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute" Kyrpychova str., 2, Kharkіv, Ukraine, 61002

Head of Maintenance Department

Arsen Muradian, Odessa National Maritime University Mechnikova str., 34, Odessa, Ukraine, 65029


Department of port operation and cargo handling technology

Yevgeny Leheza, University of Customs and Finance Volodymyra Vernadskoho str., 2/4, Dnipro, Ukraine, 49000

Doctor of Law, Associate Professor

Department of Administrative and Customs Law

Andrii Manzhula, Volodymyr Vynnychenko Central Ukrainian State Pedagogical University Shevchenka str., 1, Kropyvnytskyi, Ukraine, 25006

Doctor of Law, Associate Professor

Department of Branch Law

Oleksandr Rudkovskyi, Khmelnitsky Economic University Kamyanetska, str., 159/2, Khmelnitsky, Ukraine, 29008

Doctor of Economic Sciences

Department of Management


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Dymko, I., Muradian, A., Leheza, Y., Manzhula, A., & Rudkovskyi, O. (2017). Integrated approach to the development of the effectiveness function of quality control of metal products. Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies, 6(3 (90), 26–34.



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