Development of the design and determination of mode characteristics of block cryoconcentrators for pomegranate juice




pomegranate juice, cryoconcentration, kinetics of the process, block freezing, separation, evaporator, concentration


The designs of cryoconcentrators of block type BV-2 and BL-20 have been developed. The influence of design and operating parameters on the kinetics of freezing of pomegranate juice was investigated.

A decrease in the operating temperature of the refrigeration unit contributes to a more intensive growth of the ice block. When the temperature of the coolant decreases by 1.2 times, the productivity of the BV-2 unit increases by 27 %, and of the BL-20 unit by 12 %. For BL-20, an increase in the initial concentration by 3 times leads to a decrease in productivity by 2.5...1.5 times.

The influence of the temperature of the coolant and the initial concentration of the juice on the rate of concentration change has been determined. At low initial concentrations of solutions (10...15 %), a sharp increase in concentration is observed at the final stage of freezing. The dry matter content of the juice is increased by 16 % at high concentrations, only 4 %.

The kinetics of the ice block separation process has been studied. At the first stage (duration 10...15 minutes), the concentration of effluents is 2...3 % higher than the concentration of the solution. On the second, increases by 6...10 %. In the third stage, there is a monotonous decrease in effluent concentration (2.5 % / hour).

The results of experimental modeling are generalized. The obtained equation in similarity numbers allows calculating the mass transfer coefficients with an error of no more than 20 %.

The developed designs of the BL-20 and BV-2 cryoconcentrators are semi-industrial units. With block cryoconcentration, a concentration of pomegranate juice of 47° Brix was achieved, which is higher than in traditional devices. The results obtained can be applied for further development and creation of industrial plants with optimal improved product parameters.

Author Biographies

Oleg Burdo, Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Department of Process, Equipment and Energy Management

Igor Bezbakh, Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Department of Process, Equipment and Energy Management

Aleksandr Zykov, Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies

Doctor of Technical Sciences

Department of Process, Equipment and Energy Management

Yana Fatieieva, Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies

Postgraduate Student

Department of Process, Equipment and Energy Management

Davar Rostami Pour, Firm «Davarrostamipour»


Petr Osadchuk, Odessa State Agrarian University

PhD, Associate Professor

Department of Agricultural Engineering

Igor Mazurenko, Hunan University of Humanities, Science and Technology

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Shao Zhengzheng, Henan Institute of Science and Technology

Postgraduate Student

School of Food Science

Lyudmila Phylipova, Research and Planning Institute of Standardisation and Technology of Ecosafe and Organic Products



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