Investigating the impact of network topologies on the iot-based wsn in smart home monitoring system




IoT, Riverbed, smart, Star, Tree, Mesh, ZigBee, throughput, delay, Wi-Fi


The object of this research is to present IoT WSN-based smart home monitoring system, which allows users to monitor and manage all of their appliances and home equipment via the Internet using established protocols. IoT is described as the connection of equipment and appliances to the Internet in order to monitor, report, and perform certain tasks. Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) are considered as a key component in the IoT model's implementation. This research presented the IoT WSN platform using Riverbed Modeler Simulation Program in order to examine the network performance for different Wireless Sensor topologies (Star, Tree and Mesh). This platform consists of a number of scenarios with a number of sensors in each scenario. Each sensor is represented by the ZigBee end device, which sensed and collected data about the smart home and sent the collected data to the controller, which is represented by the ZigBee coordinator. The controller sends the data to the server to be monitored by the users through any gateway (Wi-Fi) after logging in using a specific application with three routing topologies on the controller. The results showed that IoT WSN tree topology is the best topology if the throughput is considered for improvement at the expense of data dropped with acceptable delay. Star topology improves the network performance in terms of data dropped and throughput when the number of sensors was increased. Mesh topology achieved the smallest data dropped with low throughput. Due to their features, these results were effective because they indicated that the selection of suitable routing topology played an important role in improving the degradation of IoT WSN performance due to the interference of Wi-Fi and ZigBee network since they utilized the same frequency band (2.4 GHz).

Author Biographies

Shayma W. Nourildean, University of Technology

Master of Engineering, Lecturer

Department of Communication Engineering

Yousra A. Mohammed, University of Technology

Master of Engineering, Lecturer

Department of Communication Engineering

May T. Abdulhadi, Iraqi Commission for Computers and Informatics

Master of Science, Assistant Teacher


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Investigating the impact of network topologies on the iot-based wsn in smart home monitoring system




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