Developing a controller for registering passenger flow of public transport for the "smart" city system




"Smart" city, controller for registering passenger flow of public transport, Petri networks, Raspberry Pi


A structure of the controller for registering passenger flow of public transport was developed, which includes the single board computer Raspberry Pi; GSM module; GPS module; controller of battery powered device; controller of the emergency restart of the device; button for registering passengers enjoying privileges; camera for registering passengers enjoying privileges and camera for registering passenger flow in a transportation vehicle. A built structure is characterized by the modular organization, which makes it possible to quickly upgrade the designed device. An algorithm of functioning of the controller of registering passenger flow of public transport and specialized software for implementing the functions of the controller were developed. A special feature of the software is the possibility of expanding functionality of the designed device in the process of upgrading the controller. Programming of the microcontroller was perforned in the language C, and programming of the controller based on Raspberry Pi 2 Model B was performed in Python. We built a model of functioning of the controller based on the Petri networks, which allows exploring dynamics of the system and identifying all possible states of the designed system. Authors developed technical support of the controller for registering passenger flow of public transport on the base of the single board computer Raspberry Pi, which ensures competitive price and the required functionality of the project solution.

The resulting technical solution in the form of the controller for registering passenger flow of public transport of the system for managing transport flows of a "smart" city is characterized by low cost, required accuracy of calculating passengers and is the optimal project solution with wide functional capacities. 

The designed device was implemented and tested at the auto transportation enterprises "Mens-Auto" and "Etalon" in Ternopil (Ukraine). 

Author Biographies

Oleh Boreiko, Ternopil National Economic University Chekhova str., 8, Ternopil, Ukraine, 46003


Department of Computer Engineering

Vasyl Teslyuk, National University "Lviv Polytechnic" S. Bandery str., 12, Lviv, Ukraine, 79013

Doctor of Engineering, Professor

Department of Computer Aided Design


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