Model characteristics of competitive activity of female MMA mixed martial arts fighters of different weight classes




Purpose: to determine model characteristics of the competitive activity of female MMA mixed martial arts athletes of different weight classes.

Material & Method: the study involved 150 top female mixed martial arts MMA fighters. Participants were divided into 3 groups according to the weight class of 50 athletes each: Strawweight (48 kg to 52 kg), Flyweight (52 kg to 56 kg), and Bantamweight (56 kg to 61 kg). The following methods were used: analysis of scientific and methodological information and Internet sources; generalization of best practices; analysis of protocols and videos of competitive activities; methods of mathematical statistics.

Results: female athletes of each weight class have their characteristics in terms of competitive activity indicators. Thus, the finish of the fight with a striking differential, attempts, and accuracy of takedowns is significantly better (p<0.05-0.01) in women`s strawweight fighters. Strawweight female fighters perform a large number of sig strikes landed, which have high accuracy, due to which they win the fight, and this is explained by a large arsenal of technical and tactical actions. Women’s flyweight fighters need more time to finish the fight early. They also have the least number of sig strikes landed during the fight, which are performed with little accuracy, and this is due to the rational distribution of strength in a fight. Women’s bantamweight fighters conduct a large number of knockdowns landed and submissions during the entire fight, this can be explained by the high level of development of special endurance. It was found that the representatives of all weight classes perform mostly distance strikes landed and their sig head strikes landed are the best ones.

Conclusions: applying methods of pedagogical observation and mathematical statistics allowed us to determine the structure and model characteristics of modern competitive activities of elite female mixed martial arts MMA athletes for each weight class. The model characteristics obtained during the study can be used to plan the training process of qualified female athletes and to solve the issues of managing their preparation for competitions.




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Tropin, Y. ., Romanenko, V. ., Cynarski, W. J. . ., Boychenko, N. ., & Kovalenko, J. . (2022). Model characteristics of competitive activity of female MMA mixed martial arts fighters of different weight classes. Slobozhanskyi Herald of Science and Sport, 26(2), 41–46.