Estimation of competition activity of hockey players high class taking into account generic models




different playing position, model descriptions, technique-tactical actions, competition activity, coefficient of efficiency


Purpose: to develop the mechanism of estimation of competition activity of hockey players of high class on the basis of account of group model descriptions of tekhniko-tactical actions. Material and Methods: with the purpose of development of method of evaluation of efficiency of competition activity, information of hockey players was analysed highly who class, taking part in the matches of the Kontinental hockey league (KHL) in a season 2013-2014 The quantitative-quality indexes of realization of technique-tactical actions were analysed in the matches of regular championship. Material and methods: pedagogical supervision, pedagogical analysis and generalization of front-rank experience, analysis of data of the special scientific-methodical literature, an analysis of data is the Internet. Results: model descriptions of competition activity of hockey players of high class of different line of business are developed, which underlay development of evaluation method. For determination of efficiency of competition activity, it is recommended to take into account the degree of positive or subzero deviation from middle model descriptions. Evaluation of efficiency of actions of sportsman, conducted on the basis of complex rejection on all studied technique-tactical actions. Conclusions: as a result of the conducted researches the method of evaluation of efficiency of competition activity is developed, which allowed to define efficiency of game of sportsmen.


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