The marketing analysis of competitiveness of fitness-clubs in Kharkiv


  • Светлана Стадник Харьковская государственная академия физической культуры, Харьков, Украина, Ukraine
  • Наталия Середа Харьковская государственная академия физической культуры, Харьков, Украина, Ukraine



marketing, competitiveness, fitness-clubs


Stadnyk, S. & Sereda, N.

Purpose: to carry out the marketing analysis of competitiveness of fitness-clubs of Kharkiv.

Material & Methods: analysis of references and documents, organizational analysis, system analysis, methods of the marketing analysis (SWOT-analysis), methods of mathematical data processing. The research was conducted on the basis of 13 fitness-clubs of Kharkiv. Administrators acted as respondents – 15 persons; those who are engaged in fitness-clubs – 50 persons.

Results: opportunities and threats of the external environment of fitness-clubs of Kharkiv are defined on the basis of the carried-out marketing analysis, satisfaction of Kharkov citizens with activity of fitness-clubs of the city from providing recreational services is found.

Conclusions: the carried-out analysis of marketing activity of fitness-clubs of Kharkiv gave the chance to find possible threats from competitors: the rate of inflation in the country, the appearance of new competitors, the change of level of the income of the population, the increase in mortality of the population, the change of attachments of the population. 


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