Vol 5, No 12 (101) (2019)

Materials Science

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Materials Science

A study of the effect of deposition conditions on the phase-structural state of ion-plasma WC – TiC coatings PDF PDF (Українська)
Oleg Sоbоl`, Osman Dur 6-13
Improving contact durability of polycrystalline systems by controlling the parameters of large-angle grain boundaries PDF PDF (Русский)
Viacheslav Kopylov, Oleg Kuzin, Niсkolay Kuzin 14-22
Experimental study of cavitation destruction of a protective composite polyurethane-based material PDF PDF (Русский)
Anatoly Ischenko, Dmitry Rassokhin, Elena Nosovskaya 23-28
The effect of template residual content on supercapacitive characteristics of Ni(OH)2, obtained by template homogeneous precipitation PDF PDF (Русский)
Vadym Kovalenko, Valerii Kotok 29-37
Studying the tribological properties of mated materials C61900 - A48-25BC1.25BNo. 25 in composite oils containing geomodifiers PDF PDF (Українська)
Viktor Aulin, Andrii Hrynkiv, Sergii Lysenko, Oleg Lyashuk, Taras Zamota, Dmytro Holub 38-47