Vol 2, No 8 (86) (2017)

Energy-saving technologies and equipment

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Energy-saving technologies and equipment

Optimization of the structure of wind power station with the use of the branch and bound method PDF PDF (Українська)
Taras Teslyuk, Ivan Tsmots, Vasyl Teslyuk, Mykola Medykovskyy 4-9
Analysis of dynamic characteristics of the active filter-stabilizer PDF PDF (Русский)
Yakov Shcherbak, Yuriy Semenenko, Alexandr Semenenko 10-15
Research on gasification of low-grade fuels in a continuous layer PDF PDF (Українська)
Joseph Mysak, Stepan Lys, Marta Martynyak-Andrushko 16-23
Development of xenon collisional radiative model for plasma diagnostics of Hall Effect thrusters PDF
Rajendrasing Rajput, Aloyna Khaustova, Andriy Loyan 24-29
Examining a device for air distribution by the interaction of counter non-coaxial jets under alternating mode PDF PDF (Українська)
Vadim Коrbut, Orest Voznyak, Khrystyna Myroniuk, Iryna Sukholova, Peter Kapalo 30-38
Improvement of energy efficiency in the operation of a thermal reactor with submerged combustion apparatus through the cyclic input of energy PDF PDF (Русский)
Valeriy Nikolsky, Vadim Yariz, Iryna Reshetnyak 39-44
Development of efficient solar cells with the use of multifunctional multitextures PDF PDF (Українська)
Valerij Yerokhov, Olga Ierokhova 45-51
Development of a model for predicting the reliability indicators in the design of cascade thermoelectric coolers PDF PDF (Русский)
Vladimir Zaykov, Vladimir Mescheryakov, Yurii Zhuravlov 52-60
Improvement of the energy processes analysis method of electromechanical systems with semiconductor converters PDF
Al-Mashakbeh Atef Saleh 61-68