Vol 3, No 9 (87) (2017)

Information and controlling system

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Information and controlling system

Support of metrological traceability of capacitance measurements in Ukraine PDF
Oleh Velychko, Sergii Shevkun 4-10
Analysis of mass-energy balance of unmanned aircraft fueled by solar energy PDF
Vitalіy Sukhov, Yaroslav Kozei 10-18
Development of a geomechatronic complex for the geotechnical monitoring of the contour of a mine working PDF
Stefan Zaichenko, Vadym Shalenko, Nataliia Shevchuk, Viktoriia Vapnichna 19-25
Predicting a technical condition of railway automation hardware under conditions of limited statistical data PDF
Valentin Moiseenko, Oleksandr Kameniev, Vitalii Gaievskyi 26-35
Research into the use of scramblers in narrowband communication systems PDF
Vitalii Kukush, Dariia Verchyk 35-42
Development of a system for the detection of cyber attacks based on the clustering and formation of reference deviations of attributes PDF
Valeriy Lakhno, Volodimir Malyukov, Volodymyr Domrachev, Olga Stepanenko, Oleksandr Kramarov 43-52
Examining the learning fire detectors under real conditions of application PDF
Vladimir Andronov, Boris Pospelov, Evgenіy Rybka, Stanislav Skliarov 53-59
Optimization of thermal modes and cooling systems of the induction traction engines of trams PDF
Borys Liubarskyi, Оleksandr Petrenko, Dmytro Iakunin, Oksana Dubinina 59-67
A method for localizing a reference object in a current image with several bright objects PDF
Alexander Sotnikov, Volodymyr Tarshyn, Nataliia Yeromina, Serhii Petrov, Nataliіa Antonenko 68-74