Vol 3, No 7 (87) (2017)

Applied mechanics

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Applied mechanics

Determining the characteristics of viscous friction in the sliding supports using the method of pendulum PDF PDF (Русский)
Aleksandr Dykha, Viktor Aulin, Oleg Makovkin, Sergiy Posonskiy 4-10
Development of a dynamic model of transients in mechanical systems using argument-functions PDF PDF (Русский)
Valery Chigirinsky, Alexander Putnoki 11-22
Methods of balancing of an axisymmetric flexible rotor by passive auto-balancers PDF PDF (Русский)
Gennadiy Filimonikhin, Irina Filimonikhina, Kostyantyn Dumenko, Vladimir Pirogov 22-27
Numerical study of flow in the stage of an axial compressor with different topology of computational grid PDF PDF (Українська)
Yuriy Tereshchenko, Ekaterina Doroshenko, Ivan Lastivka, Yuriy Tereshchenko 28-33
Computer simulation of hydraulic flow in a mixing device with a diaphragm of special design installed in it PDF PDF (Русский)
Andrey Shevchenko, Tamara Shevchenko 33-39
Formalization of design for physical model of the azimuth thruster with two degrees of freedom by computational fluid dynamics methods PDF PDF (Українська)
Vitalii Budashko 40-49
Parameter optimization of the centrifugal juicer with the ball auto-balancer under the impulse change of an unbalance by 3D modeling PDF PDF (Українська)
Valery Goncharov, Kostyantyn Dumenko, Andrey Nevdakha, Vladimir Pirogov 50-58
Analytical method of examining the curvilinear motion of a four-wheeled vehicle PDF PDF (Українська)
Victor Melnik, Mikhail Dovzhik, Boris Tatyanchenko, Oleksandr Solarov, Yulia Sirenko 59-65