Vol 1, No 3 (91) (2018)

Control processes

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Control processes

Research into the process of multi-level management of enterprise production activities with taking risks into consideration PDF PDF (Русский)
Vitalina Babenko, Nataliya Chebanova, Natalia Ryzhikova, Serhii Rudenko, Nataliia Birchenko 4-12
Modelling of management activity of the organization considering the impact of implicit factors in business processes PDF PDF (Українська)
Serhii Hushko, Oleksandr Temchenko, Iryna Kryshtopa, Hanna Temchenko, Iryna Maksymova, Oleksandr Huk 13-21
Estimation of fluctuations in the performance indicators of equipment that operates under conditions of unstable loading PDF PDF (Українська)
Inna Lapkina, Mykola Malaksiano 22-29
Development of the method for modeling the propagation of delays in non­cyclic train scheduling on the railroads with mixed traffic PDF PDF (Русский)
Tatyana Butko, Andrii Prokhorchenko, Tetiana Golovko, Galyna Prokhorchenko 30-39
Analysis and algebraic­symbolic determination of conditions forsafe motion of a vessel in a non­stationary environment PDF PDF (Українська)
Illya Tykhonov, Georgy Baranov, Volodymyr Doronin, Andrii Nosovskyi 40-49
Modeling of customer­oriented construction project management using the gender logic systems PDF PDF (Русский)
Tetiana Fesenko, Anatoliy Shakhov, Galyna Fesenko, Natalya Bibik, Valeriia Tupchenko 50-59
Study of the influence of electric transmission parameters on the efficiency of freight rolling stock of direct current PDF PDF (Українська)
Oleksandr Gorobchenko, Oleksij Fomin, Volodimir Fomin, Vajcheslav Kovalenko 60-67
Developing the method of rational trucking routing based on the modified ant algorithm PDF PDF (Русский)
Nataliya Khalipova, Anatoliy Pasichnyk, Irina Lesnikova, Albina Kuzmenko, Mariia Kokina, Vyacheslav Kutirev, Yevgenii Kushchenko 68-76
Development of information technology for supporting the process of adjustment of the food enterprise assortment PDF PDF (Українська)
Olena Kharkianen, Olena Myakshylo, Serhii Hrybkov, Mykola Kostikov 77-87