Vol 3, No 7 (93) (2018)

Applied mechanics

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Applied mechanics

Numerical simulation of the dynamics of the system "trolley – load – carrying rope" in a cable crane PDF PDF (Русский)
Otto Grigorov, Evgenij Druzhynin, Vsevolod Strizhak, Marjana Strizhak, Galina Anishchenko 6-12
Development of the method for calculation of cantilever construction's oscillations taking into account own weight PDF PDF (Українська)
Yurii Krutii, Mykola Suriyaninov, Victor Vandynskyi 13-19
Research into a possibility to prolong the time of operation of universal open top wagon bodies that have exhausted their standard resource PDF
Andrii Okorokov, Oleksij Fomin, Alyona Lovska, Roman Vernigora, Irina Zhuravel, Volodimir Fomin 20-26
Studying the coupled axial and lateral oscillations of the drilling riser under conditions of irregular seaways PDF PDF (Русский)
Orest Slabyi 27-33
A numerical method for axisymmetric adhesive contact based on kalker’s variational principle PDF PDF (Українська)
Mykola Tkachuk 34-41
Substantiation of adequacy of loading conditions at bench and field tests of construction machines PDF PDF (Русский)
Leonid Pelevin, Anatoliy Fomin, Ievgenii Gorbatyuk, Grigory Machishin 41-52
Development of the procedure for verifying the feasibility of designing an active suspension system for transport carriages PDF PDF
Nina Erhovа, Iryna Bondarenko, Oxana Shibko, Natalia Velmagina 53-63
Determination of the resistance of the cylindrical­tubular drill for trenchless laying of underground communications PDF PDF (Українська)
Svyatoslav Kravets, Vladimir Suponyev, Oleksandr Rieznikov, Oleksandr Kosiak, Anatolii Nechydiuk, Dmytro Klets, Olena Chevychelova 64-70
Patterns in change and balancing of aerodynamic imbalance of the low­pressure axial fan impeller PDF PDF (Русский)
Lubov Olijnichenko, Gennadiy Filimonikhin, Andrey Nevdakha, Vladimir Pirogov 71-81