Vol 5, No 3 (95) (2018)

Control processes

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Control processes

Development of the concept and method of building of specified project management methodologies PDF
Iurii Teslia, Oleksii Yehorchenkov, Iulia Khlevna, Andrii Khlevnyi 6-16
Development of a method for the probabilistic inference of sequences of a business process activities to support the business process management PDF
Viktor Levykin, Oksana Chala 16-24
Comparative assessment of the competence of experts in the field of higher education by different methods PDF
Oleh Velychko, Tetyana Gordiyenko, Antonina Gaber 25-32
Assessment of capabilities of military groupings (forces) based on the functional group “Engage” PDF
Vasyl Bychenkov, Andrii Koretskyi, Oleksandr Оksiiuk, Vira Vialkova 33-44
Development of an integration­analytical method for the initiation of construction projects of industrial objects PDF
Maria Sukhonos, Valentyn Shevetovsky, Ievgenii Grytskov, Alona Starostina 45-58
Examining the effect of production conditions at territorial logistic systems of milk harvesting on the parameters of a fleet of specialized road tanks PDF
Anatoliy Tryhuba, Oleg Zachko, Vitalij Grabovets, Olha Berladyn, Irina Pavlova, Mykola Rudynets 59-70
Assessing the impact of parameters for the last mile logistics system on creation of the added value of goods PDF
Alexander Rossolov, Nadezhda Popova, Denis Kopytkov, Halyna Rossolova, Helen Zaporozhtseva 70-79
Analysis of technological innovations in digital marketing PDF
Mykhailo Oklander, Tatyana Oklander, Oksana Yashkina, Irina Pedko, Maryna Chaikovska 80-91