Improvement of the continuous "pipe in pipe" pasteurization unit




pasteurization, milk, pipe-in-pipe heat exchanger, heat supply, flow rate, electric heating


The result of improving the pasteurizer is a 6-fold decrease in the specific metal consumption by the device, in comparison with the basic design (26 kg/m2 versus 160 kg/m2). The duration of heating and pasteurization of drinking milk at a temperature of 73...77 °C while aging over 15...20 s is 27.5 s, which is 1.8 times less. A reduction in the heat consumption for heating the apparatus is achieved, which is 1,372.8 kJ (CPiPPU – Continuous "pipe in pipe" pasteurization unit), in comparison to the consumption by the basic pasteurizer, 8,448 kJ.

The uniformity of flow heating was established when its speed changes from 0.03 to 0.40 m/s  for various heat supply techniques; under the condition υ=0.4 m/s, a temperature drop is ensured: at internal heating ‒ 1.4 °C; in the basic design with external heating by a hot heat carrier ‒ 2.7 °C; and in the proposed CPiPPU with double-sided heating ‒ 0.5 °C. The comparison of heat supply techniques confirms the heat exchange efficiency of raw material processing by CPiPPU while ensuring a minimum temperature drop. The improved continuous pipe-in-pipe pasteurization unit based on the double-sided heating by a flexible film resistive electric heater of the radiating type (FFREHRT) is resource-efficient and can be used to heat food raw materials in the temperature range 15...110 °C

Author Biographies

Andrii Zahorulko, Kharkiv State University of Food Technology and Trade Klochkivska str., 333, Kharkiv, Ukraine, 61051

PhD, Associate Professor

Department of Processes, Devices and Automation of Food Production

Aleksey Zagorulko, Kharkiv State University of Food Technology and Trade Klochkivska str., 333, Kharkiv, Ukraine, 61051

PhD, Associate Professor

Department of Processes, Devices and Automation of Food Production

Maryna Yancheva, Kharkiv State University of Food Technology and Trade Klochkivska str., 333, Kharkiv, Ukraine, 61051

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Head of Department

Department of Meat Technology

Olena Dromenko, Kharkiv State University of Food Technology and Trade Klochkivska str., 333, Kharkiv, Ukraine, 61051


Department of Meat Technology

Mariana Sashnova, Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics Kуоtо Str., 19, Kуiv, Ukrаinе, 02156

PhD, Associate Professor

Department of Software Engineering and Cybersecurity

Kateryna Petrova, Central Ukrainian National Technical University Universytetskyi ave., 8, Kropyvnytskyi, Ukraine, 25006

PhD, Associate Professor

Department of Electrotechnical Systems and Energy Management

Lyudmila Polozhyshnikova, Poltava University of Economics and Trade Kovalia str., 3, Poltava, Ukraine, 36000

PhD, Associate Professor

Department of Food Industry Technologies and Restaurant Industry

Nina Budnyk, Poltava State Agrarian Academy Skovorody str., 1/3, Poltava, Ukraine, 36003

PhD, Associate Professor

Department of Food Production


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Zahorulko, A., Zagorulko, A., Yancheva, M., Dromenko, O., Sashnova, M., Petrova, K., Polozhyshnikova, L., & Budnyk, N. (2020). Improvement of the continuous "pipe in pipe" pasteurization unit. Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies, 4(11 (106), 70–75.



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