Building a model for managing the cost and duration of motor road projects




cost and duration management, maintenance project, long-term maintenance, management model, silver triangle


This paper considers the processes of cost management and the duration of road maintenance projects. A conceptual model is proposed to describe the relationship between time, cost, and quality of projects, which is based on the theory of the «silver triangle». Based on the results of studying the influence of factors, a model has been built for determining the cost and duration of road maintenance projects. Multiple optimization approaches to the components of the «silver triangle» of projects were used. The model constructed at the stage of initiating projects for the maintenance of roads, in contrast to the previous ones, is based on the pre-project level of quality indicators.

Owing to the introduction of additional parameters and coefficients, the proposed model of cost management, quality, and duration of road projects was calibrated. The model graph was constructed and optimization was carried out on the example of a long-term road operation project. The algorithm of application of cost and duration management model of highway projects under conditions of uncertainty has been developed, which was checked for adequacy at an estimated error of about 3 %. This makes it possible to assert the effectiveness of the devised model for solving tasks related to project management for maintenance.

The model was used to perform calculations based on a real example of the project, which showed that the optimization of the parameters of long-term contracts for the maintenance of highways produces a multiplier effect. This is expressed by reducing the administrative costs of the customer, reducing the responsibility of road services, creating prerequisites for stable financing of road works, the satisfaction of road users, and building strong partnerships between the customer and contractor

Author Biographies

Anna Kharchenko, National Transport University

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Department of Transport Construction and Property Management

Vitalii Tsybulskyi, National Transport University

PhD, Senior Lecturer

Department of Strength of Materials and Engineering Science

Oleksandr Chechuha, National Transport University

PhD, Associate Professor

Department of Transport Construction and Property Management

Sergei Zavorotnii, Private Enterprise "ELITZEM"

PhD, Land Surveyor

Ivan Shuliak, National Transport University


Department of Road Design, Geodesy and Land Management


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Kharchenko, A., Tsybulskyi, V., Chechuha, O., Zavorotnii, S., & Shuliak, I. (2022). Building a model for managing the cost and duration of motor road projects . Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies, 3(3 (117), 13–22.



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