Vol 2, No 5 (86) (2017)

Applied physics

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Applied physics

A simplified method for the numerical calculation of nonstationary heat transfer through a flat wall PDF
Olexander Brunetkin, Maksym Maksymov, Оleksander Lysiuk 4-13
Numerical modeling of physical fields in the process of drying of paper for corrugating by the infrared radiation PDF
Anton Karvatskii, Viсtor Marchevsky, Oleh Novokhat 14-22
Examining the temperature fields in flat piecewise- uniform structures PDF
Vasyl Havrysh, Halyna Ivasyk, Lubov Kolyasa, Igor Ovchar, Yaroslav Pelekh, Orest Bilas 23-32
Research into the influence OF AL2O3 nanoparticle admixtures on the magnitude of isopropanol molar volume PDF
Vitaly Zhelezny, Taras Lozovsky, Vladimir Gotsulskiy, Nikolai Lukianov, Igor Motovoy 33-39
Improvement of energy efficiency in the operation of a thermal reactor with submerged combustion apparatus through the cyclic input of energy PDF
Valery Belozerov, Anna Mahatilova, Oleg Sobol', Valeria Subbotinа, Alexander Subbotin 39-43
Research into the energy conversion processes in hybrid plasma devices for applying the coatings PDF
Valeriy Pashchenko 44-51
Determining parameters of electromagnetic radiation for energoinformational disinfection of wool in its pretreatment PDF
Nataliaya Kosulina, Aleksandr Cherenkov, Evgenij Pirotti, Sergey Moroz, Mariya Chorna 52-58
Determining the characteristics of diffracted waves of small amplitude around a vessel in shallow water PDF
Nina Efremova, Alexander Nilva, Nataliya Kotovskaya, Marina Dryha 59-67