Vol 3, No 3 (93) (2018)

Control processes

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Control processes

Development of the method for the optimal management of occupational risks PDF
Аndrew Bochkovskii, Viktor Gogunskii 6-13
A comparative analysis of the assessment results of the competence of technical experts by methods of analytic hierarchy process and with using the Rasch model PDF
Oleh Velychko, Tetyana Gordiyenko 14-21
Development of the method of exposure control of grain drying in high­temperature dryers PDF
Mikhail Volkhonov, Igor Jabbarov, Valery Soldatov, Ivan Smirnov 22-29
Elaboration of the equipment replacement terms taking into account wear and tear and obsolescence PDF
Inna Lapkina, Mykola Malaksiano 30-39
Implementation of the market approach to the processes of management of the energy sector of ukrainian economy under conditions of European integration PDF
Victoria Dergachova, Nadiia Pysar 40-49
Complexification methods of interval forecast estimates in the problems on short­term prediction PDF
Yuri Romanenkov, Mariia Danova, Valentyna Kashcheyeva, Oleg Bugaienko, Maksym Volk, Maryna Karminska-Bielobrova, Olena Lobach 50-58
Development of a model for the integrated management of the international delivery chains formation PDF
Nataliya Khalipova, Arkadii Bosov, Iryna Prohoniuk 59-72