Vol 5, No 5 (95) (2018)

Applied physics

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Applied physics

Development of the technique for improving the structure of a magnetic field in the aperture of a quadrupole electromagnet with a superconducting winding PDF
Andriy Getman 6-12
Development of the method to operatively control quality of iron ore raw materials at open and underground extraction PDF
Albert Azaryan, Andrey Gritsenko, Annait Trachuk, Dmitriy Shvets 13-19
Improvement of safety of autonomous electrical installations by implementing a method for calculating the electrolytic grounding electrodes parameters PDF
Pavlo Budanov, Kostiantyn Brovko, Artem Cherniuk, Iryna Pantielieieva, Yuliya Oliynyk, Nataliia Shmatko, Pavlo Vasyuchenko 20-28
Determination of optimal parameters of the pulse width modulation of the 4qs transducer for electriс rolling stock PDF
Оleksandr Demydov, Borys Liubarskyi, Valerii Domanskyi, Marina Glebova, Dmytro Iakunin, Anna Tyshchenko 29-38
Studying the computational resource demands of mathematical models for moving surface eddy current probes for synthesis problems PDF
Ruslana Trembovetska, Volodymyr Halchenko, Volodymyr Tychkov 39-46
Construction of the integrated method to model a system for measuring the density of infrared radiation flows PDF
Alexander Sytnik, Inga Semko, Valentyn Tkachenko, Konstantin Klyuchka, Sergey Protasov 47-52
Welded joints geometry testing by means of automated structured light scanning PDF
German Filippov, Dmitry Sednev, Yana Salchak 53-60
Developing and programming the algorithm of refinement of the crystal structure of materials with possible isomorphous substitution PDF
Ivan Yaremiy, Sofiya Yaremiy, Vasyl Fedoriv, Olesia Vlasii, Anna Luсas 61-67
Improvement of a discharge nozzle damping attachment to suppress fires of class D PDF
Vasyl Kovalyshyn, Volodymyr Marych, Yaroslav Novitskyi, Bogdan Gusar, Volodymyr Chernetskiy, Olexandr-Zenoviy Mirus 68-76