Vol 21, No 1 (2016)

Table of Contents


Evoked bioelectrical activity of efferent fibers of the sciatic nerve of white rats in experimental menopause. PDF
A. G. Rodinsky, S. S. Tkachenko, L. V. Guz 4-9
Mechanisms of hematogenous tumor metastasis. PDF
V. I. Desyaterik, Y. S. Shevchenko 10-18


Peculiarities of mental status in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in different phases of the pathological process. PDF
T. O. Pertseva, L. I. Konopkina, Iu. V. Huba 19-23
The characteristics of side effects of different modes of chemotherapy for breast cancer. PDF
I. M. Bondarenko, A. V. Phokhach 23-26
The clinical condition and functional performance of the heart in patients with persistent atrial fibrillation after electrical cardioversion. PDF
K. А. Pysarevska 27-34
Prognostic criteria of chronic myeloid leukemia by changes platelets sizes. PDF
Y. V. Shorop, A. S. Tymchenko 35-39
Optimization of diagnostic and treatment algorhythm of blunt thoracic traumas in patienrs with combined thoracic and brain trauma. PDF
A. B. Kytovyi, V. V. Pymakhov 40-46
Influence of a complex tratment on serum lipid profile and clinical course of ischemic heart disease in workers of mining industry. PDF
V. I. Fesenko, V. A. Роtabashniy 46-51
Experience of endovascular treatment of occlusion-stenotic lesions of cerebral arteries. PDF
Yu. V. Cherednichenko 52-63
Development of complications of gestation in pregnant women with preeclampsia associated with thrombophilia. PDF
T. O. Loskutova 64-70
Clinical characteristics of patients with hepatic steatosis and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis combined with obesity and disorders of the biliary tract, depending on the body mass index. PDF
A. Yu. Filippova 70-79
Airway remodeling in children with asthma, which runs on the background of intracellular infections. PDF
O. E. Chernyshova, A. E. Abaturov 80-86
Gender peculiarities of cardiac performance in children with bronchial asthma. PDF
V. A. Kondratiev, A. V. Reznik 86-90
Microbiologic picture of microflora of female urogenital organs. PDF
A. D. Dyudyun, N. M. Polion 91-96
The morphological and morphometric study of tissues of dentoalveolar system in children with impaired course of the antenatal period. PDF
M. S. Drogomiretskaya, Ahmad Saleh Khalyaf Salama 96-103
General characteristics of dental morbidity in children against orthodontic treatment. PDF
I. V. Kovach, Y. V. Lavrenyuk 104-108


Reproductive health of men of industrial areas: risk factors, donosological diagnostics, prevention. PDF
A. M. Serdyuk, E. M. Bіletska, V. P. Stus, N. M. Onul 109-116
Comparative assessment of stability of fungicides triazolopyrimidine, triazole, pyrimidine and morpholine in the soil and prediction of groundwater pollution with them. PDF
S. V. Bіlous, S. T. Omel'chuk, O. P. Vavrіnevich, A. M. Antonenko 116-123
Spatial-temporal characteristics of the diseases as a tool of management of public health formation. PDF
O. V. Berdnyk, O. P. Rudnytska, O. V. Dobrianska 123-129
Analysis of international legislative documents that regulates ambient air quality. PDF
A. A. Petrosian, L. M. Сhernenko 130-133


Mortality forecast from gastroduodenal ulcer disease for different gender and age population groups in Ukraine. PDF
I. D. Duzhiy, S. O. Muntyan, V. Yu. Dubnitskiy, S. V. Kharchenko, V. A. Smianov 134-139


In commemoration of Professor K.V. Popova (to her 90-th year anniversary) PDF
SE DMA 149-151


Organic hallucinosis at pituitary macroadenoma (case report). PDF
I. D. Spirina, S. F. Leonov, T. Yo. Shusterman, Ya. S. Varshavs'kij, V. A. Mihal'ova 140-144
Rare Clinical Case: Solid Pseudopapillary tumor of pancreas. PDF
S. I. Karpenko, I. S. Shponka, V. F. Zavizion, E. M. Zavizion, V. R. Skoryk, A. V. Snisar 144-148