Vol 2, No 12 (92) (2018)

Materials Science

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Materials Science

The effect of external magnetic flux field in the QTS weldment on the change of fatigue crack propagation behaviors PDF
Sugiarto Sugiarto, Rudy Soenoko, Anindito Purnowidodo, Yudy Surya Irawan 4-11
Study of the influence of oxidizing parameters on the composition and morphology of Al2O3•CoOx coatings on AL25 alloy PDF
Ann Karakurkchi, Mykola Sakhnenko, Maryna Ved' 11-19
Effect of heat treatment and cryogenics on hardness of ductile cast iron microstructure (FCD­50) PDF
Suriasnyah Sabarudin, Pratikto Pratikto, Agus Suprapto, Yudy Surya Irawan 20-26
Determining the patterns of phase and structural transformations at carbon­thermal reduction of molybdenum concentrate PDF
Stanislav Hryhoriev, Artem Petryshchev, Ganna Shyshkanova, Tetyana Zaytseva, Oleksandr Frydman, Yuliya Petrusha, Andrey Andreev, Alexander Katschan, Mykola Lazutkin, Nina Sinyaeva 27-32
Simulation of structure formation in the Fe–C–Cr–Ni–Si surfacing materials PDF
Bohdan Efremenko, Alexander Belik, Yuliia Chabak, Hossam Halfa 33-38
Influence of the thermal factor on the composition of electron­beam high­entropy ALTiVCrNbMo coatings PDF
Oleg Sobol’, Alexander Barmin, Svitlana Hryhorieva, Viktor Gorban’, Alexander Vuets, Alexander Subbotin 39-46
Prediction of specific electrical resistivity of polymeric composites based on carbon fabrics PDF
Vadym Stavychenko, Svitlana Purhina, Pavlo Shestakov 46-53
Definition of the aging process parameters for nickel hydroxide in the alkaline medium PDF
Valerii Kotok, Vadym Kovalenko 54-60